TOTAL SCREEN RECORDER – A software we can highly recommend


We present our “Golden Eagle Award” for a quality product

As a consultant in the field of crisis and emergency planning and management, a field where we build, develop and record numerous webinars, training and e-learning packages and videos, I am always looking for easier and better ways to develop videos and webinars.

I have searched and used a number of software packages over the years; recently when I had the time to do additional research for an “easy to use product” to capture webinars on screen I happened upon “Total Screen Recorder – Gold Version” available at

From the outset, I came to the opinion this would always be my first choice for future use. Here is why:

Ease of download and installation
High quality product from the results it provided us from the first use
Remarkably easy to use
The options of fixed screen size, full screen
Ability to adjust playback rates
The variety of five output formats
The reasonable price
Totally hassle free screen captures

Simply, as video producers and developers of training, we all have the need to capture the content of our computer screens at some point. With Total Screen Recorder you can create creative and excellent video examples or demonstrations for our own applications. As a crisis and emergency planner, I am now able to rapidly capture breaking news and videos to use in our training programs.

Total Screen Recorder is a compact and affordable screen capture tool that enables you to record the content of your screen, or its specific areas into video files with soundtracks for subsequent playback and distribution.

We especially like that Total Screen Recorder supports 5 capture modes, AVI/WMV/SWF/FLV output with configurable A/V codecs, sneak mode operation, automatic recording at Windows startup, recording timers, hotkeys, recording of the mouse cursor and has plenty of other handy features.

Total Screen Recorder allows you to capture webcam video streams in AIM, ICQ, MSN/Yahoo Messenger, as well as streams from TV cards and web pages. Simply, every video or presentation you see on your screen can be captured quickly and easily!

Total Screen Recorder is an inexpensive, very powerful and flexible solution for screen capturing.

Preparing tutorials and e-learning series can be a time consuming activity specifically when you need to make step by step e-learning modules. Although written tutorials are acceptable when supplemented by video showing/telling all the steps you will it appeals to a broader and more visually-based audience.

Total Screen Recorder helps you to make professional e-learnings by capturing videos. The software has simple, easy to use features. When you start you have a small screen that allows you to set the configurations you choose.

To start, you will define the region that you want to capture; you can select whole screen, or any particular area of the screen.

You then set the configurations for the audio by selecting the audio device and related settings. Make the selection for the video and audio aspects for the captured file with the provided features ‘Encoder’.

Select the Hotkey to Start, Stop and Resume the capturing of video.

Enable or disable the Timer features, if you choose.

Select your file name and set the destination for saving the movie file that has been captured.

You can also hide the program when the recording is going on and the program goes to the system tray for easy access.

We are not computer geniuses and yet we were able to literally install and record our first video in less than 15-minutes!

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest we would Total Screen Recorder a 5-plus! We highly recommend this software. Congratulations to the developers, we will look forward to future software from your company.

L. Darryl Armstrong PhD APR CCM CAMT
Accredited Public Relations
Certified Crisis Management
Certified Aggression Management Trainer

Cell 270.619.3803

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I am really proud of the Ky Press Association and its leadership …

David Thompson at the Ky Press Association has just announced they now have an app – the cost $0.00 – want to know more?

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with the Ky Press Association on a strategic planning initiative.

We had worked with the Ky New Era for several years and KPA asked for our assistance. Anytime we engage a client in strategic planning I have my trepidations and concerns.

This uneasiness comes from the fact that we have a very engaging, collaborative and highly-intensive discovery and strategic planning process.

Our process requires front-end “therapy,” individual member and unanimous Board agreement to be actively engaged in each step to maximize the effort and it requires them to hear the good, the bad and the ugly that we find.

Then they must ensure us they didn’t just hear what we found but also are willing to work with us to correct the deficiencies, develop an agreed upon plan of action and then implement that plan while being held accountable to their membership and to themselves to excel at the implementation of their plan.

You can see where such an intensive and extensive process can be threatening and easily meet resistance at various steps. Many Boards and executives, we have found over the past 20-years simply “go-along” with such an effort with no real intention of doing much with the plan afterwards.

Not so for the Kentucky Press Association.

When David Thompson and his team and Board engaged with us we never expected them to have such great successes from their efforts.

Why did they have such success – they not only thought outside the box, they not only listened to the criticisms and suggestions of their members and the public, they not only engaged in alignment and brainstorming they also methodically set out to “brainstorm solutions”, then to  take action and to be held accountable for implementing the plan and continually revising it and updating it. That is quite the commitment!

The process re-energized the KPA staff and executives and their Board. Their latest app development demonstrates that once again planning your work, working your plan and engaging your team collaboratively to solve problems – not just pontificate and complain about them – can lead to great success.  This is where understanding the strategic planning process pays benefits for the long-term.

The KPA team and its Board has far exceeded what many clients can and will do with such a planning effort. They continue to break new ground, find new ways to solve problems and are not hesitant to travel different paths to get to their success.

Their latest achievement is an example of such a commitment to excel and be a model for their industry.

David Thompson at the Ky Press Association has just announced they now have an app – the cost $0.00 – want to know more?  Here goes from David at KPA:


We have our first KPA App, courtesy of New Media Director David Spencer. We had gotten proposals to spend $5000 to $8000 for a KPA App and David was able to design one that didn’t cost anything

It’s website-based but when you “Add to Home Screen” on your iPhone, it looks, feels and acts like an App. David has a friend with an Android and had him test it. He says it functions the same as the one on the iPhone though it’s slightly cosmetically different.

Our first one is the Reporter’s Guide to Open Meetings and Open Records. That’s the long piece, folded up that we’ve done for reporters to keep in their billfolds. Now they will have it on their phone.

To put it on your iPhone:

a. go to in your iPhone’s browser

b. when that shows up, save it as “Add to Home Screen”

c. then check where your other apps are located and you should see KPA/FOI. That’s it!!

Be sure to share this with all your reporters so they have everything they need to know about Open Meetings and Open Records on their cell phone.


Feel free to email David Spencer at or call him at 800-264-5721.


Davis says, I sent an email to editors yesterday and also shared the app with my NAM colleagues around the state and U.S.

Some comments:

That is fantastic.  I’m going to copy you.     Thanks, David.

Laurie Hieb – Executive Director
Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association

Wow – that is plain awesome!!!!

Beth Grace – North Carolina Press Association

CONGRATULATIONS to KPA, David T and David Spencer and most importantly to all your Board members who are continuing to pursue your strategic plan to accomplish these “out-of-the-box” ideas to benefit the association and its membership!!!

Until next time …

The Lost Art of Writing Thank You Notes

With all the Occupy this and that and all the hoopla around it reinforcing modern society’s drive to teach and seemingly even reward rude behavior, I would just remind my business colleagues and graduating students that the one thing that can and does set you apart is the old-fashioned handwritten “thank you” note.

Saying thank you for an interview, a job well done, or the opportunity to discuss the possibility of work through a handwritten missive is becoming a lost art. However, research and experience  shows that people remember you when you take the time to send them such a note of appreciation.

Oh yes, send them the “old-fashioned” way as well through the U.S. Postal service. In this age of tweets and Face Book and LinkedIn, such notes are “jewels” to be treasured and remembered.

Remembering to say “thank you” will help open doors for you that the best education and contacts can’t – who knows it might even get you a real job.

Set Fees Based in Value, Not Time Spent

Consider establishing fees based on value of the services you will provide and not on the time you spend on the project. Clients will judge the wisdom of your services based on their own agenda. They want to know if your services will help solve a problem, or if using your services will benefit them equal to or more than the cost of your services. Your fees must reflect value to the client.

You must be willing to estimate the total time needed to get the job done when you are quoting fee on a time and materials basis. Just telling the client you charge $200 an hour plus expenses is not always sufficient. Howard Shenson recommends you let the client know the number of hours you will take to produce the desired results. To properly estimate requires careful analysis and attention to details, says the late Shenson, the consultant’s consultant.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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Charge for Travel Using a Per-Diem Basis

You may want to consider charging a per diem for your travel expenses (hotels, meals and incidentals) rather than direct reibursement. Most clients prefer the simplicity of per-diem expenses and this arrangement avoids any criticism about how you spend expense dollars.

Think about having multiple per-diem rates, the late Howard Shenson, the consultant’s consultant suggests. You would have one per-diem for expensive cities and another for smaller markets. Set per-diem rates and define the quality of your life on the road in a way that is consistent with the style and expense that your client feels is appropriate. People are more comfortable when you do things the way they do them.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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Get something back when you giveaway a “freebie”

So now you are a successful consultant!

As a professional in the field of consulting, you will be frequently asked to give your clients “little favors” and since you can rarely collect a fee for them, the best term we can use is that these are “freebies.”

These “freebies” can include everything from answering a quick question by telephone to sending them copies of articles and documents. The list can be quite endless.

 However, these free services can be turned into a profit center for you with the “one-minute commercial.”

Here’s the secret.

When asked for a “freebie” or a favor, quickly respond with one of these answers:

  • “I will be glad to take care of that for you … if you will make a deal.”
  • “I’ll help if you make an agreement with me.”
  • “It’s free, no problem … but there is a catch.”
  • “Sure, I can help … but you must make me a promise.”

So, what is the deal? What is the Catch? What is the promise?

Well, it’s simple really … They simply promise, agree or make a deal to call you first when they need the services you provide. Add some spice to your one-minute commercial by also getting them to promise or agree to recommend you to others or to provide you a testimonial (which you can offer to draft for them).

This one-minute commercial can be fun for you both, and is a powerful sales tool for your firm.

However, we recommend you use this technique only when you have done something for free or extra for a prospect or client.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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