Don’t Jump at the Opportunity to Cut Your Fee

Don’t accept a request for a reduction in your fee unless the client is willing to reduce the scope work.Bargaining makes you less desirable and creates the wrong image. If you communicate w willingness to accept less, you are letting the client know that you are hungry and desperate or that your initial fee was inflated.

Some clients aren’t happy and may not do business unless they can bargain. In such cases, again, cut your fee only in exchange for a reduction in time and resources provided. This approach allows you to save face and permits the client to get the deal he seeks.

Be especially cautious and reject offers to cut your fee or to provide services because of “exposure” and “potentially beneficial contacts” you will receive from the project.

“Potentials” don’t pay the mortgage! Think: When is the last time doctors, dentists, or lawyers reduced their fees for you? Set a fair and justified professional fee and stay with it!

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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