Perspectives – Make Selling Your Services Job One!


July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

I have been on the road extensively the past 7-days and am now just getting caught up. As is usual, when I returned to my desk and reflected on the past week I had one of those “ah-ha’s” we all too frequently overlook. It goes like this.

Most of us as professionals love to do our work and provide the services we offer. However, too many of us dislike or even despise designing, implementing and evaluating a sales process to get more work. If your professional practice requires you to be a salesperson, and frankly ALL professional practices require this, here’s how you can improve on your “reluctance to sell”: 

  • WRITE A NEW JOB DESCRIPTION for yourself. List sales and marketing as your MOST IMPORTANT TASK! Make it Job One! After all, have you ever tried to do your great work and not have a client to serve?
  • Start using POSITIVE SELF TALK, such as “I am a confident and competent sales consultant and I enjoy selling my services.” Simply, successful selling STARTS WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.
  • Do what ALL successful sales representatives do. GET SALES TRAINING. Attend sales classes and seminars, read sales magazines, subscribe to newsletters, invest in audio and video training programs and network with sales pros and learn their techniques.PRETEND YOU WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Set up goals, deadlines, quotas and most important rewards! It is critical to motivate yourself to sell yourself and your professional services. As you succeed as a sales consultant, allow yourself some liberal rewards — including time off.

Until next time.

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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