I told you so! “Sicko” darling of Cannes Festival

What did I write a few days ago folks about Michael Moore?

Today, AP reports that the rumpled, disheveled, and some would say obnoxious producer of “Sicko,” the definitive expose of the American Health industry, none other than the now infamous Michael Moore is now a “rock star” at the Cannes Film Festival.

The “ferocious” attack on the health industry has become the talk of the French film festival this year and Moore, ever the guerrilla marketer, is at the heart of the adoration.

And always marketing controversy, Moore says that he is not surprised they are coming after him, after all he is just the little guy (David) taking on the drug companies and the health insurers (Goliath). Moore was referring to the Department of Justice’s investigation into an alleged illegal trip to Cuba that he took while making the documentary.

I highly suggest that the objective of his latest documentary was not to get to the truth of the state of the health care industry in America; rather the objective was to make a few million dollars and to continue his rising star power.

Mission accomplished — for now.

Those that believe he walks on water will continue to believe so and those who think he is the anti-Christ will continue to hold onto their crucifixes and pray for deliverance.

“Sicko” will make millions for the “common man” from Dearborn, Mi. yet adds little or nothing to a reasoned debate on how to fix the system.

Am I psychic or what?

Nope not even close to being psychic, I simply recognize good marketing when I see it.

Keep your own eyes and ears open to such g-marketing tactics and learn from them.

Until next time.

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates


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